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I loathe Phones...

Damn noisy things! I was woken up not once, but twice today by the phone. I swear, I am removing the extra handset from my bedroom, lol. It has a shrill and cutting ring on it and it always leaves me feeling crap when I am woken in such a sharp way. Anyway, it was the bank calling to tell me something I already knew...that my overdraft had gone overdrawn because(as I realised with horror last night when I looked to see the date was March 1st)I had not gone and transferred my rent money over from my other account. This woman sounded so... ungh. She ignored when I said I had just woken up(I couldn't hear her properly) and spoke as if running on automatic.

Anyway, I am still all groggy, so going to shower. I have to go out and try and get a copy of 'The Fly'(I hate horror films) for my fantasy in film class and then get down to doing some serious work. I don't like it, but it has to be done. I am getting more and more excited about having my own spiritual forums. I have waited so long for this. I have spent years on other people's and finally, it is time to build up my own and use the lessons I have learnt from posting on those others so long...first will be to not be a control freak with lots of rules and regulations.

You wouldn't believe some of these so-called spiritual sites, the backstabbing that goes on behind the scenes on them. Not only that, but those working on these sites seem to slide into this automatic 'love and light' mode, where they post the same thing automatically in response to any struggles members are 'Sorry you are having such a hard time, hope you feel better soon xx'. To me, that is a cop out. I always made an effort to go into detail, to get involved...and I have never put on a love and light face because in truth, we all have a darker side, we all have our anger, our sadness, our various negative traits. How are members going to be comforted by seeing moderators who behave as if they are perfection itself? (while carrying on various dramas and bitching sessions behind the scenes)I am not the only one who has become disillusioned and left their role as moderator on these sites.

I hope everyone has a great day! And sorry if I don't get round to reading all your entries until later tonight. (((hugs to all on my list)))
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