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Well, I not long woke and still feel really tired. I woke worrying about my forum and affirming that I ought to get some forum sections started so people have somewhere to post, even if all the other stuff isn't sorted yet. So, I will be working on that...I have a test forum there so people can submit ideas for sections for the site. I like the members to have stuff they want too. Just 4 members so far but it will take some advertising to get it off the ground once I have got my sections up...

So if anyone knows any sites where my forums can be advertised, please let me know or go ahead and post the link when I am up and running

I may have found someone to make me a skin in the colours I want and for free. Most sites charge $30 for a custom skin, it seems making things for these boards is big business now heh. I joined several forums and left a post asking for any help available to get me sorted. A man from Australia who owns one such site helped me skin the forum last night with a downloadable one, but he disappeared after a few hours. I am hoping he will return to help me as I still need help knowing how to upload the mods.

I will be needing moderators for this forum, of course. People who have plenty to share with the members and who will be able to post in welcome messages as each member joins. Like most uk spiritual forums, this will not be paid which is why it is essential it is something that the person enjoys doing, lol.

I am struggling to think of a general welcome message to my site. All the ideas are in my brain somewhere, but it is getting it down in words that is the issue. I also need a few ground rules as I really don't want to end up banning people left, right and centre.

If anyone on my list has any knowledge of making homepages for websites and is willing to offer some help, please let me know as I cannot move forward on that part at all. If anyone has knowledge of using frontpage, please let me know as I downloaded it.

Watching Star Trek 'Enterprise' at the moment. It is on terrestrial tv. I have so much work to do for university, maybe this was a bad time to have my forum it seems to be all that is on my mind, lol.
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