Eternal Spirit (soulsspirit) wrote,
Eternal Spirit


Well, I know I have been neglecting my lj duties of late but bear with me. It is difficult trying to keep a forums running, especially in the beginning while I am trying to recruit new members and find some to moderate and help me out. Got 31 members so far, in the space of two days but having some teething trouble. Have chatrooms on there too now, which really made me happy.

I will try and catch up with your journals, I have read through some today and replied to a few... I feel terribly guilty for not being around so much, but remember you can catch me on my forums and talk to me there in the shoutbox..which is like a mini chatroom at the top of the forums... link is on my user info page.

Other than that, I went over 36 hours without sleep...woke at 3pm uk time on monday and didn't go to sleep until 4am uk time today. I must have one hell of a strong constitution. I managed but I didn't feel that great. I am still tired. I just..have no idea really why I did that. I had stayed up all night working on the forums, then a friend came on msn and by time I finished with them it was 10am and I needed to be sure to get to I went to town, got back at 1pm yesterday and simply didnt go to bed.
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