Eternal Spirit (soulsspirit) wrote,
Eternal Spirit

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Slightly Disappointed...

I cannot deny it, I have pinned a lot of hopes on my forums but things don't seem to be moving. Maybe I expect too much after only 3 days, but I have been posting links in endless lj groups and on some internet sites, I have over 50 members...but only a couple are posting, and even then, not a lot. The problem is I am doing it alone. I have no-one able to moderate on a regular basis...and it is too much for one person to keep up with. I can only post so many topics a day. So, I am left feeling a little down right now. The site looks lovely, but clearly I must be doing something wrong? I still have no homepage either.

3 days in and I am feeling tempted to just abandon it. Other forums of this size usually start with a few people running it, not just one, or at least with some staff who can post new things each day to try and liven things up.
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