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Catching up

Well, goodness, it is a struggle to keep up with my lj on a daily basis these days, mainly due to the responsibilities of running my forums and moderating on another site. I do hope no one is too disappointed in me. I do suggest that my friends here join the site if they wish to communicate and share more with me, but no worries if you do not wish to. It is mainly spiritual and paranormal, yes, but there are also sections for games and quizzes, a general section, a support section and myths and legends section. In truth, it covers a lot of ground.

Anyway, other than that... things are interesting. I seem to be back with my ex, who I lived with for over five years, but had not seen in 18 months since I left him. I just had the impulse to catch up, and had not expected us to end up carrying on as if nothing happened... it is one of those occasions where my expectations were wrong. I had thought it would be awkward and that he would be detached... we were talking right away and he was not detached at all.

I am, as usual, way behind on my university work. I am, as usual, very tired...but then, I have only had maybe 6 hours sleep. I have had a lot of crap from the woman who runs the site I worked on before I opened my own, and from the 23 year old who designed her site appearance and is her co admin... I had the most unpleasant and threatening message, accusing me of copying their colours get the picture. It is very sad and disappointing for a spiritual site, and even more so that the site owner, who claimed to be my friend, feels such a message, which labelled me pathetic, is justified.

I hope all my friends on here are well... I promise I will try and catch up on your journals this weekend and pass out some comments. Feel free to give me a slapped wrist for being so lax.
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