Eternal Spirit (soulsspirit) wrote,
Eternal Spirit

New Age!

Well, I have just about had a fucking nuff tonight. I put so much work into my site to hear that a few elitist people consider it too new age... or not spiritual. What a pile of bollocks, what the hell isn't new age these days? Personally, I always found Paganism somewhat new agey, as do most people...this whole candle burning, praying to the God and goddess nonsense if we want to get down and dirty and use generalisations and little labels. I am so pissed off. Thank god I have a couple who support me. Shame it isn't the people who should be supporting me!

I find it absolutely astonishing anyone can consider a forum that has areas for all beliefs and agey. But, whatever. I am thinking now of simply closing it down. I only have to tick one box to turn the board offline. So many other 'new age' boards out there, I am sure people will find somewhere to go, right! I imagine those labelling it new age would soon be lost if I started approaching it from a more advanced angle and casting off those new to their spiritual paths!
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