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Eternal Spirit

The Human Experience Of The Soul

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The site listed as my site is a new and evolving spiritual forums and chatrooms. It is run by myself and has been open only s short time thus far(Since March 5th). Anyone is welcome to join, it is mainly esoteric and spiritual, but also has areas for support, fun and games and general chat

On a spiritual path for three years, I have had to overcome many trials and have many yet to overcome. I am always open to sharing stories, experiences...anything really. I pride myself on trying to always be emotionally open and honest. Some days I am light and airy, others I am deep and dark. That is the nature of myself as I am. I consider my an old soul, though at times I might seem anything but! I am an eternal seeker, I am always seeking answers and seeking to make sense of the world I live in, other humans and of myself. If you wish to join my Spiritual online home, just follow my Website link... It is not my own website, but it is where I spend a lot of my time. Beyond my spirituality, I have many interests, including a great love of theatre, film, art and music. I love nature and nothing brings me more alive than being surrounded by trees and water, with the sun shining on my hair. I am a chameleon...my emotions and my personality are so complex that often, I do not know who I am myself. I am an eternal sharer of all things...if I am passionate about something, my immediate impulse is to share it with whoever I can. For those interested in astrology, I am a Taurus with a Pisces moon and Pisces Ascendant.

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